Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thai Squash Curry

Once, when Katelyn was a harried college student, we decided we should give her a month of dinners for Christmas. So we cooked up 5 or 6 different dishes (soups, curries, and such) and vacuum-sealed them in one-meal-size portions. I think this recipe, which came from, was hands-down the best. It's a sweet, hot, citrusey, coconut-based curry over mellow root vegetables.

Follow the link for the full recipe, but the basic ingredients are pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, cherry tomatoes, and chickpeas (we left out the bell pepper) cooked with orange rind. The curry sauce has quite a lot of ingredients, but we usually miss one or two (e.g. vegetarian fish sauce) and it seems to turn out regardless. The prep time on this is pretty extensive what with all the peeling and chopping, but it's sooo worth it. Do try to find some tamarind paste at an Indian or Mexican grocer if you can.

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