Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whipped Goat Cheese Infused with Agave and Lemon

I have a shiny new candy-apple green kitchenaid artisan stand mixer that can do magic things.

There, it's out. I've been holding this wonderful news to myself, hoping to find time to make something incredible with said mixer to give it its proper heralding into the blog world. Sadly, no time could be found. So, while whipped goat cheese isn't really what I had in mind, this was a scrumptious dip for a lemon (and sloe gin!) themed party, especially when served on sweet potato crackers.

I bought two logs of goat cheese, and to defray costs/add to the creaminess, some whipped cream cheese, then added the juice of two freshly plucked lemons, several squirts of agave, two tablespoons of raw honey, and whipped. You could also do this with a hand mixer or, of course, an immersion blender. Which, I'm a little shamed to say, has been demoted from all caps now that I have a new candy-apple green machine.

I'll leave you with some Loretta Lynn wisdom on sloe gin, as well as a recommendation to have a sloe gin fizz.

Well Portland Oregon and sloe ginn fizz/If that ain't love then tell me what is...


  1. I finally get an IMMERSION BLENDER and you demote it from caps. :(

  2. Candy apples are RED, child. ;)

  3. Green Apple! It's green apple! I witnessed the goat cheese mix up, so to speak, and it was grand.

  4. I prefer candy apple green to just green apple green. Petey! You read and commentated!

  5. I just got an unexpected KITCHENAID ARTISAN STAND MIXER too! Tell me everything!