Monday, January 25, 2010

Sudanese Couscous

This is one from memory - something I used to make ALL the time and had utterly forgotten. "Not forgetting recipes" is the name of the game around here, so I'm jottin' er down.

Back when I lived in Salt Lake City and worked in the nonprofit world, I was always running into an entrepreneurial group of Sudanese women. Among other endeavors they had a vending license and would cook up this sweet-and-savory couscous dish every weekend at the farmers' market. This is just my loose interpretation, faded by a couple years of studying law in between, but here it is:

1. Sautee some chopped apples and onions (and green peppers if you like 'em - I don't) in just a little butter or ghee, and season with salt, cumin, cinnamon, and sugar. Add a heap of spinach and let it cook down.

2. Make yourself a generous batch of large-grain couscous - sold in the US as Israeli couscous. (I think this is made with a slightly different process than the hand-rolled semolina couscous made in Sudan and elsewhere, but it's what they always used and I think it holds up better to the spinach mixture.)

3. (Because it's not a list if there are only two items): top 2 with 1 and EAT.

And if you are like me and eat at the computer way too often, check this out.

Ed. 8/23/13:  The link is gone!  Here's another.

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  1. I just ate Sudanese spinach and couscous at the Salt Lake City farmers market today and was looking for a recipe and find this! So good!