Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Pad Thai

After being away for the weekend, I came home to a veggie drawer with an awful lot of crunchy green goodness at risk of becoming mushy green badness. So....

1. I slivered my bunch of asparagus and about 10 baby bok choys, and finely sliced 3 scallions

2. I scrambled 2 eggs

3. I made some pad thai sauce: About a cup of near-boiling water, with tamarind paste, brown sugar, veggie fish sauce, some lime juice, a splash of Sriracha and a splash of soy sauce (Sorry, I'm clueless on quantities as usual, but you'll know when it's sufficiently delicious and don't scrimp on that tamarind!). Thicken with cornstarch.

4. I boiled up a pot of rice noodles.

5. I seared my greens quickly over high heat in very hot sesame oil, threw in some cherry tomatoes and cubes of super-firm tofu (already deep-fried at the local asian market)

6. I tossed it all together, crushed some pistachios (no peanuts on hand and anyway they added to the green-ness), put out some limes for squeezin, and it was pleasin. :)

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