Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beet & Arugula Lunch Salad

Before going off on vacation, I'm trying to preserve veggies from CSA and garden however I can.  I had a few weeks worth of beautiful, multicolored CSA beets (about a dozen total!), so I roasted them in their skins with oil and salt, then peeled and chopped them.  Most, I threw in a tupperware with some oil and vinegar in the fridge for future use, but I took out about a cup and a half for this lunch.

Simple:  Just the chopped beets, some chopped mild white cheese (mine was basket cheese but whatever, really - mozzarella, goat, you name it), a few handfuls of roughly chopped arugula (CSA again!), lemon olive oil, white balsamic, and---this is key---plenty of salt .

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