Wednesday, November 21, 2012

(Easy as) Pumpkin Cream Pie

As you well know by now, K and I long for true fall every year here in the desert and our favorite way of combatting that is through food.  Parady sister classic move, right?  From this, two A&K traditions have been born - the pumpkin spice latte date (the first day of fall each year) and the Thanksgiving pie bakefest.

For the last several years, K and I have spent Thanksgiving with P's kind and welcoming family (notoriously kind - P's father washed my car for me the first time we met).  Our job is to bring the pie, and so for the last several years, pie baking has become an adventure and a favorite activity.  This year, I received an email from K titled: "November 1: THANKSGIVING DESSERTS", which should give you an idea of just how excited we get.  I'm fairly certain we traded about 25 recipes before narrowing down to our planned four and going shopping for ingredients.

This pie is one that actually didn't make the cut this year (read: better things are yet to come), but I instead made it for Friendsgiving this past Sunday, a lovely event that occurred in my side yard with lots of Christmas lights strung in the trees and potluck-style delicious food.  I am not usually a fan of pumpkin pie, but I thought I could give pumpkin cream a shot, and I am so glad I did.  This is officially The World's Easiest And Most Delicious Pie, and I think I've already made four of them, each time to rave reviews from friends and several requests for the recipe.  The only thing to plan for is time for it to chill in the fridge.

Look at Friendsgiving. Isn't it grand? We highly recommend you celebrate Friendsgiving, too.
Joy the Baker is my personal food blog hero.  She's funny, witty, feels like your best friend and also is responsible for the original posting of the recipe.  Click it, bake it, eat it, love it.  Have her become your new best food blog friend, too.  My only variation would be I only chilled it for 4-5 hours each time.  It leaves the flavors much stronger, making for a very rich pie, but myself and my friends thought that that was fabulous.

fall leaves not included.

If you are needing some last minute pie ideas, feel free to visit some favorites of years past, Spiced Molasses Pie with Maple Whipped Cream, Maple Cream Custard Pie and Maple Buttermilk Pie.
But most of all, look forward to hearing what we have been whipping up tonight for this year's treats.

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  1. I did think it was fabulous, ten times fabulous actually. I think I'm going to start a personal cookbook, and as of right now this is the only recipe in it.