Wednesday, October 5, 2016

White Beans & Greens

Wow have I not been cooking lately.  Except this, a few times!  My sister-in-law sent the recipe to my husband because he wanted to take on a bit of meal prep responsibility (an incredibly sweet thing because I.have.been.busy), but when he tried, I got bossy, took over the process, changed the recipe, and.... sigh.  I'm a jerk.  But I like to cook?

Anyway, it IS really yummy.

What you need:

Can of white beans, NOT DRAINED
Tomatoes - probably 2 giant heirlooms, 4 normal sized tomatoes, or a pint of cherry/grape tomatoes?
6 cloves garlic
Fresh herbs (parsley, basil?) if you fancy
Olive oil

Cast iron skillet is helpful, but whatever pot/pan will work

What you do:

Slice the garlic.  Soften it in olive oil.  Add white beans WITH THEIR LIQUID and chopped-up tomatoes.  Let that cook down into soupy savory goodness.  Add the kale.  When that is about cooked, salt to taste and add chopped fresh herbs.  Oh, at some point make the pasta too.  And serve over that.

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