Sunday, March 25, 2012

White Pepper Ice Cream

(Actually multicolored pepper ice cream, but Chris, the requestor of this ice cream, based his request on the song of the above name, so....)

How's this for an awesome / so-awesome-I-feel-guilty birthday present:  Ice-cream maker! And accompanying recipe books! 

This was my first shot and it is yummmmmmmy.  Since the actual peppercorns are strained out after infusing the custard for awhile, they just leave behind a bright, kickin' peppery essence.  I'm thinking we'll eat this with strawberries and a little balsamic.

100% taken from The Perfect Scoop ice cream cookbook.  Actually, NPR already put it on the interwebs, so I'll just leave ya with the link:  Pepper Ice Cream.  If you've got the tools, give it a shot!  If not come over and I'll make you some.


  1. I just re-read this post and remembered a time when I tried to feed a much younger Annalise some vanilla ice cream with balsamic vinegar. Said she, in horrified tones: "This tastes like VINEGAR on ICE CREAM!"

    1. Just read that comment, hahahahaha. WHEN and WHY did you try to feed me that? ;) :P