Thursday, May 5, 2011

Holy Wow Zucchini Bread

Now I realize the general idea of this bloggy is to post things that we, ourselves, have cooked. But someone brought me this zucchini bread, upon which I am munching with great joy, and also sent me the recipe. Its deliciousness arises from characteristic Paula Deen fat content.... but delicious it is, and I commend it to you in advance of the zucchini surplus days of late summer:*

*Unlike most days at work, I am actually reading law today. It makes my sentence structures go completely wackadoo. Sorry!

1 comment:

  1. I have printed not only the zucchini bread recipe but the one below it with chocolate chips! for future use when the zucchinis are taking over the garden and I am desperate to find ways to keep Dean from making me eat it undisguised. Unlike you girls who post all these healthy veggie recipes, I am a member of the veggie proletariat. I have no desire to join the ranks of fancy "greens" that look like they were picked from my yard and eggplant and endive and kohlrabi and all those other weird looking veggies. Give me peas and corn and iceberg lettuce. :-)