Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seville Orange Butter Cookies

Or rather, today I tried to cook orange butter cookies, but the result was a disaster. I spent a few hours in the kitchen to have cookies that tasted both bitter and overwhelmingly orangey. :( My first major fail. I'm licking my wounds here and misery loves company, so what's your kitchen disaster story? Please comment and share. :)


  1. No worries love...I tried and FAILED four times to make Brandon's birthday cake in December. I finally gave up, gave him all the crumbles into a zip lock bag and told him happy birthday, you better eat those crumbs and you better like it!

  2. hmm, well, once i left some cookies baking all day while i was at class. they made charcoal. (also, unrelatedly, i just almost removed part of my finger with a folding cot!)

  3. I tried making wontons the other night. I think my wrappers were old. They broke, tore, and wouldn't stick together. I ended up making them into little cups in my mini muffin tin.

    They turned out ok, but I still prefer them folded. I have to start shopping at the little asian markets in my neighborhood.